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Declaring offences to the Traffic Commissioner
02 April 2014

One question on the application form for a goods vehicle operator licence, which causes applicants problems is the one asking to declare all relevant convictions and penalties to the Traffic Commissioner. The introduction of recent legislation has made significant changes to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, so that criminal sentences become spent much sooner that in the past.
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Confusion leads to loss of operator’s licence
04 March 2014

A case involving termination by the Traffic Commissioner of an operator’s licence due to non payment of renewal fees has recently been heard by the Upper Tribunal, where the operator appears to have been misled by the dates specified on the operator’s licence.
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Government reduces red tape and proposes making changes to tachograph rules.
03 February 2014

As part of the Government’s incentive to reduce the burden on small businesses, it is proposing to change the maximum length of time between which an operator must take a download from the digital tachograph.
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Legal advice to put you in the right direction...

As a transport lawyer, I offer advice and representation to those involved in the road haulage industry and to motorists facing prosecutions for motoring offences.


Having practiced with two large firms, I wanted to find a different way of working for clients which focused on a personal service tailored to their business needs but without the distractions, pressures and expense of working in a traditional law practice.


I therefore decided in 2008 to set up my own niche practice to bring to clients the benefit of my expertise and show that there is a different way of providing high quality legal services.