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Driver CPC deadline – what next?
03 September 2014

September 10th is the deadline for truck drivers to have completed their CPC training. It will then be an offence for a driver to drive a vehicle which is subject to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence requirement or for an employer to cause or permit a driver to drive such a vehicle. However, as drivers enter the second round…
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Scottish independence and its effect on operator licences.
11 August 2014

Should Scotland vote for independence in the forthcoming referendum, then there will be consequences for the haulage industry throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. As regards operator licensing much will depend upon whether a newly independent Scotland negotiates membership of the EU.
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A period of grace is not an automatic right.
01 July 2014

Traffic Commissioners can grant a period of grace at a public inquiry but it is at their discretion. A recent case shows how important it is to go fully prepared to a public inquiry.
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Legal advice to put you in the right direction...

As a transport lawyer, I offer advice and representation to those involved in the road haulage industry and to motorists facing prosecutions for motoring offences.


Having practiced with two large firms, I wanted to find a different way of working for clients which focused on a personal service tailored to their business needs but without the distractions, pressures and expense of working in a traditional law practice.


I therefore decided in 2008 to set up my own niche practice to bring to clients the benefit of my expertise and show that there is a different way of providing high quality legal services.