Getting the message across

When communicating with the Traffic Commissioner or the Licensing Unit’s office, make sure that it is effective, to the point and reflects well on you as an operator.

There are various times when you need to convey information, be it notifying a change of maintenance contractor, a conviction or fixed penalty or a change in the composition of the company. The first rule is make sure that you quote your operator’s licence number so that the information can be put on the correct file. Keep a copy of the letter and send the original by recorded delivery; you never know when you may be called to a public inquiry and need proof that it was sent. Make sure that you comply with any deadlines. You may have had a letter requesting a response within a set period. Remember that there is a standard undertaking to notify the Traffic Commissioner of changes within 28 days. Think of the tone of the letter – does it give the right impression of you as an operator with good repute?

In most cases a letter will suffice. There is now the option to advise of some changes on line. However, for what are referred to as “major changes” the notification has to be by completion of an application form and payment of a fee and includes changes such as change of operating centre or change in the number of vehicles and trailers.

If you have received a letter and want advice on how to respond or on completing an application for a major change, then please get in touch on 01756 790631

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