Government confirms criteria upon which International Road Haulage Permits will be granted.

The Government has taken steps to maximise the amount of goods that can be moved abroad and protect the interests of UK operators post Brexit.

Although negotiations are still ongoing regarding any Brexit deal, the Government has now issued guidance on how it will issue the limited number of European Conference of Ministers of Transport permits. There are 43 countries who are members of the ECMT. Use of ECMT permits will provide greater certainty over access to European markets as new arrangements continue to be negotiated.

The number of ECMT permits available to UK hauliers is limited and it is expected that the number of applicants will far exceed the number of permits available. Permits will be allocated on the basis emission levels, number of international journeys made in the last 12 months, proportion of total haulage which is international, the type of goods carried and an element of random selection. There will be both annual and monthly permits.

The majority of permits will be available for vehicles which comply with Euro 6 emission standards. A small number are available for use with Euro 5 vehicles but these will only be monthly ones. A random selection element is included in the allocation process to allow for a larger number of operators, including small sized operators to have an equitable chance of receiving a permit.

Operators who wish to apply for permits for use in 2019 will soon be able to apply on line but in the meantime should be gathering the information needed. If you need any further guidance on the application process, please contact me on 01756 790631

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