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Proving finance for an operator’s licence

Operators are asked to provide financial evidence when they submit an application for an operator’s licence and if they are called to attend a public inquiry hearing before the traffic Commissioner.  In both these circumstances, they are asked to provide.

More deadly sins?

In 2011 changes were made to operator licensing following the introduction of EU Regulation 1071/2009.  These included  the power to call transport managers to a public inquiry and the introduction of the 7 most serious infringements which would lead to.

A period of grace is not an automatic right.

Traffic Commissioners can grant a period of grace at a public inquiry but it is at their discretion. A recent case shows how important it is to go fully prepared to a public inquiry. A recent Upper Tribunal case involved an.

The seven deadly sins not to commit at a Public Inquiry

Been called to a public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner, don’t fall foul of these mistakes:-
  1. Failing to take the matter seriously. You may have heard horror stories or that someone else appeared before the Commissioner and “it was.

Change in finance levels for Standard operator licences

There has been an increase in the amount of finance required for the holders and applicants for standard operator licences, reflecting a slight increase in the amounts needs. The revised figures are £7400 for the first vehicle and £4100 for.