Changes to exemptions from holding an operator’s licence for electrically propelled vehicles

The government has recently announced a suite of changes to encourage the uptake and use of electrically propelled vehicles. Changes are being introduced to exempt vehicles with a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 4.25 tonnes from goods vehicle operator licensing. To qualify the vehicle must be fuelled entirely by a specified alternative fuel and be operated with Great Britain. The exemption will apply to both hire and reward and own account operations. The changes will take effect on 1 September 18.
Following from these changes, the government has also announced that it will be seeking a temporary derogation from the third EU Driver Licensing Directive to allow category B (car) driving licence holders to drive vehicles up to a maximum authorised mass of 4.25 tonnes. The EU can grant such a derogation for a 5 year period. Derogations have already been granted to Germany and France. If the derogation is granted, it will also give exemption from the driver CPC requirements.
Both measures are acts to encourage the alternatively fuelled vehicle sector and will help the government achieve air quality targets set out in the 2008 Climate Change Act.

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