Government asking for views on regulation of international haulage post Brexit

The Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill is currently before Parliament and subject to a consultation process which closes on 20 June 18. The Bill has been drafted so that there can be a system of permits for UK hauliers to use when travelling to or through EU countries. It is not necessarily the UK’s preferred option but provides for a system should other negotiations fail.

The Bill puts in place a framework to be able to administer the kinds of permits which are already issued to the UK. If we are dependent on a permit system, the permits will need to be allocated and the Government are asking for responses on how best to allocate the finite number of permits. Should they be allocated on criteria such as that of intensity of use, type of goods carried or even on the good repute of the operator?

The consultation also relates to the Government’s proposals for Trailer Registration Regulations. In order to secure the rights of UK drivers and vehicles in all EU member states , the Government is ratifying the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. The Convention will come into force for the UK on 28 March 19, from which date, any unregistered commercial trailer travelling within EU Member States, with the exception of Ireland, Spain, Malta and Cyprus will need to be registered. There is no intention to require the registration of trailers which are used solely within the UK.

I would urge those who are involved with international haulage to look at the Consultation Document which can be found at and respond to the consultation questions.

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