On-line checker to help prepare for clean air zones.

A new service has been launched to help drivers and businesses prepare for the introduction of clean air zones in cities outside London.  The scheme currently allows drivers to check whether their vehicle will be affected by the charges proposed to be introduced in Birmingham and Leeds.  As other cities introduce their own clean air zones, no doubt the service  will be updated to include those cities.

Operators who believe that they may be affected by the charges, should also consult the relevant local authority sites to see whether their vehicle falls within any of the exemptions and to see if they may qualify for any financial support.  Leeds City Council’s clean air zone is due to be introduced in July 2020.    Leeds City Council has already awarded more than £3.7 million to local businesses to switch to compliant vehicles and the Council is encouraging vehicle owners to visit their website.  The on-line checker can be found at https://www.gov.uk/check-clean-air-zone-charge



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