Traffic Commissioners get tough on inadequate brake testing.

In a recent press release the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain are warning commercial vehicle operators to improve their approach to brake testing.  The Traffic Commissioners are concerned that despite the Bath manslaughter case, far too many operators are just paying lip service to brake testing.

Drawing upon their experience from public inquiries, the Traffic Commissioners identify failings across the whole industry.   The Commissioners cite that the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness makes clear that every safety inspection must include a metered assessment of braking performance of vehicles or trailers and that using the road test method to assess the brake performance for all planned safety inspections will usually be inadequate.

Operators should follow the Traffic Commissioners’ advice and undertake an urgent review of their brake testing regime, to see whether the type of test and information recorded is sufficient and in line with DVSA guidance.  It is ultimately the operator’s responsibility to ensure that vehicles and trailers which they operate are roadworthy.  Failure to do this will put the operator’s licence at risk.

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