Trailer registration to take effect late 2018

The Government has published more details of its proposed Trailer Registration Regulations. The Government is having to bring in a scheme for registration of trailers in order to reduce the risk of UK trailers being subject to enforcement action in EU countries post Brexit.

Trailers being used solely domestically or on journeys between the UK and Ireland will not need to be registered, although such operators can voluntarily chose to register such trailers. However, trailers which are used internationally should be registered. The compulsory registration applies to commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non commercial trailers weighing over 3500kgs. The relevant “weight” threshold is the gross weight of the trailer or the maximum permissible mass. This weight and the unladen weight will be recorded on the trailer registration document. A trailer registration plate will need to be displayed, in addition to the registration plate of the towing vehicle.

It is hoped that the scheme will be in place by the end of 2018. Applications will normally be submitted digitally, although provision will be made for assisted digital application by phone and any breach of the regulations in the UK will be dealt with by a £100 fixed penalty notice. However, the consequences of using an unregistered trailer abroad are much higher. The Department for Transport cites examples of fines of up to 1000 euros, plus of course delays and impact on compliance with contracts.

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