Public Inquiry

Each public inquiry is different and so proper and effective preparation of your case is essential. There is a lot at stake, not just the continuation of the business but also your employees’ jobs.
A public inquiry is an in-depth investigation; it is more than a mere enquiry. It is a legal procedure which has to adhere to the law as set out in the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 and associated statutory instruments.

There are various reasons why someone is called to a public inquiry; sometimes it is because of maintenance problems, sometimes there has been a breach of the law and sometimes the Traffic Commissioner wants to be assured that the licence is being given to the right type of person.

You need someone to represent you who has an in depth understanding of the law, has it at their fingertips and can, if necessary, debate its finer points with the Traffic Commissioners. Transport law is subject to regular review by the EU and so it is essential to keep abreast of these changes. There is a difference between having a general knowledge of the law and being qualified to give legal advice, which solicitors can do.

Having been involved with major VOSA investigations, I have both the practical and legal experience to work very closely with you to put forward the best case to the Traffic Commissioner at a public inquiry. Although I am a solicitor, I am also qualified to run a haulage business.   I can draw on my expertise, not only as a holder of the national and international CPC qualification, but also on my experience as an MBA graduate to advise on any changes to management procedures for which the Traffic Commissioner may be looking.

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