Consultancy services

Do I need a goods vehicle operator’s licence?  Do I need to use tachographs?  Are my drivers exempt from the driver CPC?  These are questions which are often asked, but not quite as simple as they may seem.

The haulage industry is one of the most regulated industries where there is a plethora of legislation.  Not unreasonably, businesses often feel confused as to how the legislation applies to their particular business and need advice tailored to their particular circumstances. If you are not sure on whether or not a particular piece of legislation applies to your particular circumstances, then it is best to take some advice, rather than risk a prosecution. A lot of the exemptions turn on interpretation of case law, which is fast changing.   I have advised a range of businesses including on whether vehicles used to service wind turbines need to comply with operator licensing and drivers’ hours rules and what action a firm who supplied mobile traffic signs needed to take following changes to operator licensing rules.

Drawing on my experience of appearing at public inquiries and the reasons why operators are called before the Traffic Commissioner, I can advise on how to put in place the best practices and procedures, in house training on operator licence compliance and training for drivers on their legal responsibilities.

As a business grows and expands, the operator licence position is often overlooked.  Failure to keep the operator licence position up to date can come back to haunt a business.   As a specialist transport solicitor, I can advise on applications for new goods vehicle operator  licences or changes to existing ones.  I can provide a due diligence service, so that if you are taking over an existing business you are aware of the operator licensing position and alive to any potential disciplinary action.

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