Animal welfare transporter authorisation due for renewal

EU regulation 1/2005 introduced the requirement for those who transport live vertebrate animals over a distance of more than 65kms and as part of an economic activity to hold animal welfare transporter authorisation.

These certificates are issued by the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency and the first tranche, which were issued back in 2007 are now coming up for renewal. Those operators who hold a type 1 transporter authorisation certificate, which covers journeys over 65kms and up to 8 hours duration, will automatically have their certificates renewed provided that they have no history in the preceding three years of welfare convictions or the issuing of statutory notices. Holders of type 2 authorisation will need to complete a renewal application, which may also mean that the vehicle may need to be re-inspected if the vehicle approval certificate has or is due to expire.

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