Car insurance – is yours valid?

Recently introduced legislation aims to target those drivers who drive without car insurance. Under powers introduced last month, it is not only an offence to drive an uninsured vehicle but also to keep one.

If you are the registered keeper of a vehicle then it must be insured at all times unless it is subject to a statutory off road notice or subject to strict criteria including making declarations and giving statutory notification regarding the vehicle having been sold, transferred or having been stolen.

The DVLA and Motor Insurance Bureau will work together to identify uninsured vehicles and send a letter to the registered keeper, if it appears that the vehicle is uninsured. The letter will make clear that the registered keeper will be fined unless they rectify the situation. If the registered keeper fails to insure the vehicle then they will be fined £100. If it remains uninsured, then more draconian action, including seizing and destroying the vehicle, can take place.

The government estimate that about 4% of motorist drive without car insurance. Although most of these are deliberately trying to avoid paying for car insurance, it is worth remembering that insurance can inadvertently be invalidated. A mistake as to whether the driver had the correct driving licence entitlement or failing to renew an MOT test certificate would invalidate the insurance and mean that the driver had committed a motoring offence which could be subject to 6 – 8 penalty points and a maximum fine of up to £5000.

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