Driver CPC training -attending the course is not enough.

For some time, at public inquiries, Traffic Commissioners have been critical of those who are leaving their driver CPC training to the last minute. However, Traffic Commissioners are looking for more than just attendance on the course.

In a recent case, an operator not only had his licence revoked but was disqualified from being involved with an operator’s licence for 5 years. The decision was appealed and the decision upheld. Amongst the reasons cited was that it was not enough just to send employees on courses but that it was necessary for those in charge to ensure that what was taught was put into practice on a daily basis. In this particular case not only was the operator unable to ensure that his employees put into practice what they had been taught; he himself seemed unable to use the knowledge that he had acquired on courses to ensure that on a day to day basis the operation was compliant.

The lessons to be learnt are to choose your driver CPC provider carefully. You need someone who can put across the information in an accessible manner. Take an interest in what the drivers are learning on their CPC courses, ask them questions about what they have learnt and how they think that they can use that knowledge on a day to day basis and if possible attend the course with the drivers. Neither the drivers nor the employer should look on the driver CPC training requirement as something where you just turn up and put in the required hours.

I am always minded that working systems need to be tailored to the operator’s individual circumstances. It is no good doing a “cut and paste” exercise from a training manual if the system will not work for you. If you would like any help in putting compliance systems in place or on advice as to whether or not your drivers are exempt from the driver CPC training requirements, then please get in touch on 01756 790631.

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