Face to face with the Traffic Commissioner

So you know the time and place for the public inquiry and what the public inquiry is about, but how well prepared are you to come face to face with the Traffic Commissioner?

Here are 6 points to bear in mind.

  1. Realise the seriousness of the public inquiry. There are no second chances. Fail to raise an issue or point of law at the public inquiry and that’s it! Unfortunately, you cannot introduce it at a later stage if you have to appeal the Traffic Commissioner’s decision.
  2. Get the best possible representation. Day to day experience of the transport industry is fine for efficient running of the business, but when faced with a public inquiry, then you need someone with a thorough understanding of transport law, for the best possible chance to keep your licence.Get the facts right – but know the relevant from the irrelevant. A professional legal advocate knows what needs to be said and what needs not to be said and has a comprehensive knowledge of the Solicitors’ Code on Advocacy
  3. Present the facts in an effective manner. Traffic Commissioners are professional people and need to be addressed in a correct and professional way.
  4. Expect the unexpected. By their very nature, public inquiries are pressurised. Traffic Commissioners are looking for answers. You need to be fully prepared and have someone representing you who can think strategically under pressure. You need someone who has transport law at their fingertips and who can debate the finer points with the Traffic Commissioner.
  5. Qualified legal advice need not cost the earth. You may find that having a transport solicitor costs less than you think; they specialise in representing people at public inquiries and can help relieve some of the pressure.
  6. With many years experience and with a proven track record of representing operators before the Traffic Commissioners at public inquiries throughout the country, I will gladly discuss your case with you and should you so wish, prepare you to face the Traffic Commissioner eye to eye.

You can contact me on 01756 790631 or my mobile 07731 639856

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