New L plate proposals

The Government has introduced proposals to reform L plate proposals and the system by which we learn to drive. This is in an attempt to cut the number of road deaths, particularly amongst newly qualified drivers.

The Driving Standards Agency intends to roll out a new voluntary pre-driver qualification in safe road use for 14-17 year olds. Successful completion of the course will mean that the learner driver will receive a credit and be able to take an abridged form of the theory test from October 09. There will also be case studies introduced into the theory test, with effect from October 09, to test the potential driver’s level of understanding of driving. The practical driving test will include having to drive without detailed instructions from the examiner, which will test ability to read road signs and drive at the same time and general spatial awareness. The supervising driver will be required to accompany the candidate during the test, so that, if the candidate fails, then there may be better understanding of feedback from the examiner, which can be acted upon when preparing for the re-test.

All these proposals must be welcomed as even one death on the roads, is one too many.

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