Operator licence holders – don’t miss the 17 October deadline

There are new changes for operator licence holders which will affect holders of standard national and international licences. A new register of licence holders is being created with the aim of improving the information available about operators and their transport managers.

Standard licence holders should have already received a questionnaire which must be completed, signed by the operator and transport manager and returned by 17 October 2011. If you have more than one transport manager, then each one needs to complete a questionnaire.

Holders of standard national and international licences will have to declare whether their transport manager is an internal or external transport manager. Guidance will be given as to how to classify the relationship with the transport manager. Where the issue is in doubt, it will ultimately be a matter for the Traffic Commissioner to determine.

Those who work as an external transport manager will be limited to working for no more that 4 operators with a total fleet of no more than 50 vehicles. There will need to be a contract of employment between the operator and transport manager, which lists what the transport manager is expected to do. The contract will need to be available for inspection, if requested.

Other matters that will need to be disclosed on the form include details of the address of the establishment, which can be the same as the correspondence address. This must be the place where you keep business documents and your tachographs, digital tachograph data or other information on driving times.

Further information on the new sanctions that will be available to the Traffic Commissioner are in the May 2011 Topic of the Month. If you require any assistance with completing the questionnaire, then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01756 790631

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