Think first before applying for a goods vehicle operator’s licence

Recent weeks have seen signs that the economy may be improving. Some may be thinking about submitting an operator’s licence application for the first time or increasing the number of vehicles which they currently operate. A recent case that was heard before the Upper Tribunal provides a salutary lesson for anyone about to submit an application
An applicant submitted an application for a restricted operator’s licence. Being new to the application procedure, he initially sent in bank statements for the wrong period. He was given a deadline by which, if a full response had not been received, the application would be refused. He then sent in further bank statements but they failed to show the correct amount. The application was refused but the applicant appealed. At the appeal it became apparent that the applicant had applied for and was awaiting a decision on an overdraft.

The Upper Tribunal had no option but to dismiss the appeal as they cannot take into consideration any new evidence. The overdraft, which would have meant that the applicant had sufficient financial resources was granted 10 days too late.

The moral of the story is that if you are considering making an application, make sure that you meet all the requirements before you submit the application, otherwise, like the applicant above, you will have wasted time and money. I am always very happy to advise clients on what is needed to support an application and check any documentation before it is sent to the Traffic Commissioner’s office. If you would like to discuss a potential application with me, then please contact me on 01756 790631.

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