Thinking of making an application of an operator’s licence?

It is vital that you get your application of an operator’s licence right first time. Make a mistake and not only will it delay the application but there could be more serious consequences as to whether the application is ever granted.

There are various hurdles that need to be overcome, including:-

  • What type of licence do you require – not always as simple a question as it seems.
  • How is the business going to be financed?
  • Where are the vehicles going to be parked?
  • Will you need planning permission?
  • Is there any adverse history that could be material to the granting of the application?
  • How are you going to comply with the undertaking to keep the vehicles fit and serviceable?
  • Do you fully understand your legal obligations?

Many applicants are finding that their applications are being held up because information was not correctly submitted, when all that the applicant wants is to be granted the application and get the vehicles on the road. For a small fee, I will assist you to make the application, lodge it and deal with any subsequent correspondence. For further details, please ‘phone me on 01756 790631.

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